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  • How much does cost?
  • What if I use more faxes than my limit for the month?
  • If I use less faxes than my limit, do they carry over?
  • Are there any activation charges?
  • How do I renew my service?
  • How do I cancel my service?
  • What forms of payment does accept?

Internet Faxing

  • Why should I choose
  • Why should you use an Internet Fax Service?
  • Can I Save Money By Using Internet Faxing?
  • How Does An Internet Fax Work?
  • Will Internet Fax Work With My ISP?
  • Is Internet Fax Right For You?

Using the Service

  • How do I send a fax?
  • How do I receive a fax?
  • How do I access archived faxes?
  • Can I use my monthly faxes for either sending or receiving?
  • How Do I Read An Inbound Fax?
  • How do I know my fax was sent?
  • What Is Fax Broadcasting?
  • How can I obtain my login information?
  • Can I keep my existing fax number?
  • Will work with my existing email account?
  • Why am I receiving faxes from an unknown sender?
  • What file formats are supported for faxing?